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Crux360 clamshell-keyboard case for iPad

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a brilliant and beautiful idea.  It takes the iPad and preserves everything you like about the device, while actually adding significant value to the existing product.

iPad as netbook

But if you want to watch movies or other video, you obviously want a different orientation.  So you turn the screen around, like so…

Movie/video orientation.

Or, even better, you can use it as what the device is — a tablet.

Tablet orientation.

And finally, you have a nice protective hardshell for the iPad.

Case closed orientation.

Only downside I can see is the price.  At $149 this isn’t cheap.  I think they would sell far more if they get the price point down to $99.00.  Currently available only as pre-order at

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