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Thanksgiving Thoughts: Why I Am Thankful Today

There are lots of people who go through life surly.  They may be angry, disappointed or depressed.  I want none of it.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and I want to tell you what I am thankful for.  These are in ascending order of priority.

First, I am thankful I live in the USA, and specifically in Texas.  I have traveled and lived away from these shores most of my adult life.  Every culture is unique and wonderful, but I am still thankful that I live here.  Despite all the problems we currently face, the USA is an amazing place to be from.

Second, I am really grateful to God for my friends, both the ones I have now and the ones I have had.  One of the troubling things about aging and moving is that people who were once dear friends drop away, usually from neglect (all too frequently on my part). I am thankful for my current set of friends, many of whom are at The Karis Group (where I work).

Third, I am thankful for siblings.  I miss them; I don’t see them nearly enough.  But I am thankful for them.

Fourth, I am thankful for my wife’s sister, Lisa, her husband Mark, and their daughter and son (Katlyn and Hunter).  They are the extended family we didn’t have close at hand for 19 years.  It has been so much fun being here to watch Katlyn and Hunter grow up through their teen years.

Fifth, I am thankful for my daughter.  Amanda is 13, going on 14, and she is amazing.  She is mature and beautiful and smart and fun and precious. I want to be the father she needs me to be, while (hopefully/prayerfully) being the father God expects me to be.  I am thankful for Amanda.

Sixth, I am thankful for my wife, Linda.  She captivates my fancy as much today as she did when I first met her 25 years ago.  As I wrote not long ago, she makes me a better man.  She challenges me mentally, physically and spiritually.  I cannot imagine a better life mate.

Seventh, I am thankful for the salvation Jesus has given me through His death, burial and resurrection.  What He did, gives direction, meaning and purpose to my life.

That’s my list.  What are you thankful for this year?

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